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If you are a trader (or would-be trader) interested in on-line trading, Tradestation is a platform that you should consider evaluating. Not only does it allow online trading in commodities, futures and equities, it also allows you to create online trading and investment strategies that can be back tested. Trading or investment 'ideas' are two-a-penny. Finding an investment idea that is profitable is not quite so easy.

Whether you wish to trade forex (currency trading or foreign exchange trading), equity (stocks) or commodities, learning to develop online trading programs using TradeStation EasyLanguage will enable you to rapidly develop tools to help your online trading or investment activities. In addition, one of the major benefits of TradeStation is its ability to back test trading strategies.

Time and again I read trading magazines promoting trading techniques and see tools for sale that, at first glance, look to be highly profitable. With TradeStation you can be sure that techniques are potentially profitable - without risking money. By developing a TradeStation strategy you can back test the strategy using historical price data and discover the sort of results you might achieve in the future. Of course, historical data is not necessarily going to give you exactly the results that you would get moving forward (or what you would have gotten in the past) - but it is a whole lot better than just taking someone's word for the profitability of an investment or trading idea.