Program 3 | Three line break show-me study


In tutorial 23 I created a tutorial to demonstrate how to add 3-line-break lines to a regular candlestick chart using a Tradestation indicator. Even though Tradestation provides three line break (3LB) charts as part of its standard feature set, tutorial 23 demonstrates techniques that could potentially be used when developing other indicators, show me studies or strategies applied to candlestick or bar charts.

This program takes the core of the program code created in tutorial 23 and applies it to a show me study (see this program applied to a Daily USDEUR chart below). The functionality to draw the 'quasi' 3 line break boxes/lines has been removed from the tutorial 23 program and showme dots are drawn at the start of, what would have been the green boxes/lines and what would have been the red boxes/lines on the tutorial 23 indicator.

3 line break show me study applied to EURUSD chart

This program (i.e. the show me study) is available for immediate download for $19.95 by clicking here to pay using PayPal.

to compare the two programs, the following screen print shows program 3 and tutorial 23 applied to the same chart.

Program 3 and tutorial 23 applied to chart

To download the program discussed in tutorial 23 for $29.95 you may go here (to receive the ELD of the indicator decsribed in tutorial 23 and associated functions).

The following video explains the use of the program in more detail. I would also suggest that you view the videos included with tutorial 23 to more fully understand the functionality in this program.

Video demonstration of three line break show-me study


Program inputs

NumBarsBreak( 3 ), The number of bars break (e.g. 3 line break, 4 line break, 5 line break...).

DownCol( Red ), // Color of show me dot. Equivalent to the first 'red' bar in a 3 line break chart.

UpCol( Yellow), // Color of show me dot. Equivalent to the first 'green' bar in a 3 line break chart.

DispPerc( 20 ); // Percentage distance from low or high of bar based on difference between current high and low displayed on chart. Used to separate the dot from the low or high of the bar.

This program may be downloaded for $19.95 by clicking here to pay using PayPal. The program is 'unprotected,' in other words, you will be able to see the program. If you would prefer to pay be check, please make a check payable to Billy Fire LLC and mail to 14781 Pomerado Road, #110, Poway CA 92064 together with a valid email address. I will email download instructions to you.


Please email any bugs that you discover to